County Boards, Commissions
and Advisory Committees

Housing Advisory Committee

Background: Recommends affordable housing goals, strategies and programs to meet the affordable housing needs of the County. Assists the Council in creating a permanent, local funding source to complement federal, state and private funds, and performs other related powers and duties. This committee consists of seven members serving four-year staggered terms. Four members shall reside in each of the three largest islands: San Juan, Orcas and Lopez, plus one who resides in Friday Harbor, and the remaining three At-Large. Guiding document is Ordinance 20-2002, Ord. 3-2006 and Ordinance 12-2018.
Contact: Ryan Page
Phone: 370-0590
Council Liaison: Cindy Wolf

 Anne Bertino4 Year2/24At Large, Position #6
 Sandy Bishop4 Year2/26Lopez Island, Position #3
 Nancy DeVaux4 Year2/23At Large Position #5
 Farhad Ghatan4 Year2/24TFH Position 4
 Melora HillerPartial2/26At Large, Position #7
 Colin Huntemer4 Year2/24SJI, Position #1
 George Zweibel4 Year2/25Orcas Island, Position #2