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Background: The board is an advisory board to the County regarding the state noxious weed program and has rule making and administrative responsibilities under chapter 17.10 RCW; serving as responsible stewards of WA by protecting and preserving the land; and resources from the degrading impact of noxious weeds. Other guiding documents are Ordinance 7-1996, Ord. 8-1996, Ord. 3-2008, Res. 72-1996.The board shall consist of 5 voting members, with at least 4 members engaged in the primary production of agricultural products. One member shall be from each of the 5 areas: 1. Orcas West, 2. Orcas East 3. Lopez/Shaw, 4. San Juan South, 5. San Juan North
Contact: Jason Ontjes, Program Coordinator
Phone: 376-3499
Council Liaison: Cindy Wolf

Web Page: Noxious Weed Control Board

Vice ChairWilliam Agosta4 Year7/26Area #4/San Juan S
Ex-Officio MemberBrook Brouwer   
 Todd Goldsmith4 Year7/25Area #3/Lopez
 Jessa Madosky4 Year7/26Area #5/San Juan North
 Laura Rensberry4 Year9/24Area #1/W. Orcas
SecretaryWilliam Rupp4 Year7/26Area #2/ E. Orcas