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Open Space Advisory Team (meets as needed)

Background: The purpose of the Advisory Team is to provide an objective and diversified review and evaluation of the resources/features under consideration and develop recommendations for the Planning Dept, Planning Commission and Council. This committee consists of five members serving five-year staggered terms with a balanced interest mix of local citizens.. Established Feb. 1989 by SJCC 16.50.430. Other guiding documents are Ordinance 5-1998 and Ord. 4-2011.
Contact: Vacant, Planner III
Phone: 360-370-7589
Council Liaison: Christine Minney

CHAIRTim Clark5 Year7/18Position #2 At Large
 Debra Clausen5 Years2/22Position #5 At Large
 Chuck McCarty5 Year2/21Position #3 At Large
 Vacant5 Year Position #4 At Large
 Vacant5 year Position #1 At Large