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Veterans Advisory Board

Background: Background: Est. RCW 73.08.035; Ord 46-2007, Res 10-2008, Up to 9 Members representing as wide an array of military service as possible. Members must be current residents of SJC and must be honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. military. - Standard meeting time: noon on last Friday of each month.
Contact: Aiden Haines
Phone: 3603707473
Council Liaison: Cindy Wolf

Web Page: Veterans Advisory Board

 Bill Cumming2 Year12/24SJI
 Kevin Holmes2 Year12/24SJI
 Steven Jehly2 Year12/22Orcas
 Gordon Koenig2 Year12/22Orcas
 Ron Krebs2 Year6/25SJI
 Barry Neville2 Year12/22Orcas
 Steve Stringer2 Year5/25SJI
 VACANT2 Year12/24Orcas
ChairTed Whitley2 Year12/22Lopez