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Lopez Village Planning Review Committee

Background: The Lopez Village Planning Review Committee was appointed by the County Council in Resolution No. 34 - 2013. The committee consists of 7 members. Their mission is to develop a subarea plan proposal for the Lopez Village Urban Growth Area. The subarea plan will be consistent with but more specific than the San Juan County Comprehensive Plan. The subarea planning process includes the development of specific policies, development regulations, design standards and land use maps that will guide future development in the Lopez Village. The project will build on the results of past public participation efforts and design workshops that gathered the input of many residents, business owners and stakeholders. Based upon prior planning efforts, the Committee may focus on many issues, including, but not limited to land use, capital improvements, development regulations, design standards, landscaping, parking, stormwater, habitat and pedestrian connectivity. This new effort will also ensure that the policies and plans created for Lopez Village address existing concerns and meet the local vision and needs. Once the Committee’s draft proposals have been shepherded thorough the Lopez Village public participation process they will be transmitted to the Planning Commission and County Council for review and action. Project website: San Juan County - Community Development & Planning Sign up for project email notifications: San Juan County, Washington - Email Lists
Contact: Sophia Cassam, Planner
Phone: 378-2354
Council Liaison: Jamie Stephens

 Sandy Bishop2 Years5/23#2
 Rick Hoffman2 Years5/24#3
 Kenny Nguyen2 Years5/24#1
 Dennis Ryan2 Years5/23#6
ChairBarbara Thomas2 Years5/23#7
 Vacant2 Years5/20#5
 Randall Wilburn2 Years5/24#4