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Building Advisory Council

Background: Established under Ordinance 9-1994 updated by Ordinance 1-2008 with terms to expire the end of December, 3 year staggered terms. Developed to assist the Council and Building Department regarding the implementation of building codes, public education regarding the construction and permit process, and to provide assistance or advice to the Council related to building code adoption and implementation in SJC. 9 Members – with representation from the following categories: Specialty Contractors, Owner/Builder, Building Supply Establishment, WA Licensed Engineer, Fire Chief, Housing Organization, Architect, at Large. Per Ord. 11-2014 if member cannot be found for 1 or more sectors, Council may elect to appoint an at-large member to serve remainder of unexpired term or for a full term.
Council Liaison: Jane Fuller

ChairJack Cory3 Year12/20#9 - At Large
 Evelyn Fuchser3 Year12/21#3 - Contractor
 Ralph Gutschmidt3 Year12/22#5 - At Large
 Tom Huse3 Year12/22#4 - Owner/Builder
 Bruce Martin3 Year12/22#1 - At Large
 Richard Russell3 Year12/21#7 - Contractor
 VACANT3 Year12/20#6 - At Large
 Vacant3 Year #8 - Fire Chief
 VacantPt'l12/21#2 - Architect