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Clean Water Advisory Committee

Background: Established, per Ordinance 10-2018, the CWAC’s creation effectively dissolved the Stormwater Advisory Committee and Water Resources Mgmt Committee. Its purpose is to provide advice to County Council and make recommendations pertaining to water, including capital facilities, projects, priorities of projects and other policy matters. Membership shall be composed of seven to twelve members with a minimum of two and max of four members from each residency district. Term is four years with option for one renewal.
Contact: Byron Rot, Environmental Resources Project Manager
Phone: 360-370-7593
Council Liaison: Cindy Wolf

 Lynn Bahrych4 years7/25Dist. 3 Position 10
 Jenny DeGroot4 Years6/26Dist. 2 Position 8
 David Duggins4 Years7/25Dist. 1 Position 4
 Bob Eagan4 Years7/25Dist. 2 Position 7
 Vicki Heater4 Years6/26Dist. 2 Position 6
 Ann Jarrell4 Years7/25Dist. 1 Position 3
 Judy Meyer4 Years6/26Dist. 3 Position 9
 Kimbal Sundberg4 Years6/26Dist. 1 Position 2
 VACANT4 Years7/25Dist. 2 Position 5
 VACANT4 Years6/25Dist. 3 Position 12
 VACANT4 Years6/25Dist. 3 Position 11
 Cathi Winings4 Years8/26Dist. 1 Position 1